Concern is rising among pet owners as rising cases of respiratory illness affecting dogs have been reported across the nation in recent weeks. You’ve probably seen the worrisome headlines mentioned on social media or in the news. The lack of information and confusion surrounding this uncertain illness can be concerning for pet owners and veterinary care teams alike.

Your dogs are not just pets. They are your family. And just like your human family, dogs have seasons of increased viruses. Upper respiratory infections in dogs are common in Fall and Winter and can be caused by various viruses and bacteria. To ease your worries and offer a comforting hand, we’ve put together some insights to guide you through this season with compassion and care.

First – please know that as a veterinary care team, at Mauldin Station Vet, we take the health of your furry family very seriously. We ensure that all spaces are sanitized between pet visits and keep our hands and equipment clean and sterile. Furry friends that are brought in for drop-off appointments are given extra space and we utilize blankets for reduce transmission of airborne pathogens. Our team is also adding increased education and training to stay on top of the information available.

Whether this rising number of respiratory illnesses in dogs are due to a new disease, or a more common disease that is experiencing an unusually high incidence right now – what you can do for your canine companions remains the same.

Be proactive. Ensure your dog’s vaccinations are current, especially for infectious agents like Bordetella or canine influenza. Be mindful of their interactions with other pets, ensure proper ventilation in living spaces, and consider gentle activities that avoid crowded spaces during the winter. Additionally, practice good hygiene by washing your hands after handling other dogs and their belongings. Proper nutrition and stress management also contribute to a strong immune system.

Be observant. Watch for signs of respiratory challenge, such as coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, loss of appetite, and lethargy.  If you observe any changes in your dog’s health, difficulty breathing, or other signs of distress, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately. We’re here to help – whether that means helping you understand when you need to bring your dog in, or helping you comfortable caring for them at home. Early intervention can make a significant difference in your dog’s recovery journey.

Be connected. In times like these, community awareness plays a vital role. Stay informed about local outbreaks, adhere to guidelines provided by veterinary authorities, and communicate with fellow pet owners to share knowledge and experiences. Responsible pet ownership, including routine veterinary check-ups and vaccinations, contributes significantly to the overall well-being of all of our furry friends.

In the spirit of togetherness, Mauldin Station Vet is here for you every step of the way. Your trust is our greatest honor, and we pledge to stand united with you and your cherished canine companions throughout this journey. Together, we will navigate this uncertain path, providing comfort, care, and unwavering support to our furry family members.